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Home Office Decorating Tips
Friday, 10 October 2014 - 9:39 | Views - 2,997
Working from home is highly common these days and most people would love to seize an opportunity to work whenever and wherever they want. Apart from the actual benefits such as gas, money and time saving, working from home provides you with less stressful environment, productive and calm atmosphere and no geographic boundaries.

However, sometimes it’s really confusing to decorate a home office that works for you. Find out how to incorporate coziness and professionalism into your décor and get the biggest benefits from your home office.

1. Office nook

Any spare surface can be converted into your working place;simply go over your layout again and think how to make it more functional and practical.

2. Opt for natural materials

Why is it so important? Well, not only are they harmless to our health but they’re also more solid, pleasing to the touch and high-quality. In era of plastic and other synthetics it may sound outmoded, but natural materials are classical and never out of fashion. Don’t overlook wooden furniture, natural fabrics and glass.

3. Illumination

It’s perfect if your working desk is located near your window. A well-lighted working place can improve both productivity and inspiration. Lanterns and decorative lights are great options.

4. Double-duty details

When you have a limited space, every detail becomes a focal point. Try to minimize the amount of furniture with savvy built-in desks, Murphy beds and various niches. Do not overlook your bare walls; they can be a super-functional space for your shelves, wall organizers, posters and numerous knickknacks. You can invest into a custom-made desk. Not only will it suit your interior, but it will also reflect your taste and individuality.

5. Flower power

Indoor plants are extremely versatile helpers! Everybody knows that plants purify air, reduce our stress levels and stimulate our brain to work better. But, it’s actually plants that make our house a home and if your work desk and window sills are still empty, consider having greenery as a part of your home office décor. A couple of flowerpots will undoubtedly introduce a splash of life into your working interior.

6. Wonder walls

Photos, memos, newspaper clipping, and chalkboards are all super-functional office accessories, which both liven up the décor and provide you with visual image of your aims and wishes. Moreover, they help keep in memory all my appointments, important affairs and things to do.

7. Go bright: color story

When you want to differentiate the space, adding some color is the right idea. Adhere to the common furniture style, but introduce some colors to give the space some specific features. Invigorating and cool color palette will surely speed up your work! Zippy spots such as a lemon vase, turquoise shelves and bold pattern insets are funny things to pay attention to every now and then! Remember to refine bright colors with neutral vase or black and white palette. Floral wallpaper or animal print rag will add another kick of color to your interior.
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