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10 Ways to Dress Up Your Fireplace (No Fire Necessary)
Tuesday, 06 March 2018 - 11:12 | Views - 423

Paint It White

Steal a trick from this sunny home and refresh dated brick with a coat of cream paint.

Hello, instant mood booster.

Swap in a Basket

It's both storage and decor.

Tall branches poking out of pitchers and a framed chalkboard message round out the mantel.

Create an Illusion

Try switching out art if you're short on space.

An oversized mirror fakes an extra window by establishing a bright focal point.

Keep It Fresh

Bright whites look at right home in this beach house.

Subtle texture, like the tiled backsplash around the hearth and patterned pillows, keeps things interesting.

Light It Up

Candles in different sizes, shapes and containers create a gentle flickering glow, or go the worry-free route by using flameless LED lights instead

Make a Cozy Nook

Fresh blooms, hardy houseplants and a comfy seat make the fireplace an inviting place, even on warmer days.

Display Collectibles

You deck out the mantel, so why not the hearth?

Use an eclectic mix of vintage and new finds in various materials, like antique metal candlesticks and an artsy stone bust.

Pile in the Greenery

An empty hearth comes alive with an indoor garden.

Arrange an array of mismatched pots, in many shapes and sizes, filled with hearty (and low-maintenance!) succulents or ferns.

Hang" Artwork

If you don't have enough wall space to show off your favorite pieces, you'll love this trick: Lean framed art within the fireplace.

Just make sure it's big enough so it doesn't disappear against the interior.

Shelve Books

Everyone's all about styling their bookshelves these days, but this takes that idea to a whole new level.

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