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8 Stylish Bathroom Design Ideas
Wednesday, 28 February 2018 - 10:35 | Views - 540

Suspended Mirrors

Don't let windows get in your way.

Pulleys and rope can hoist mirrors into place for a rustic vanity.

Hidden Hue

Swipe paint behind shelves for an unexpected accent that'll put your perfume collection front and center.

Corralled on a glam tray, bottles feel like decor, not clutter.

Nautical Notes

In a waterfront home, beachy details like colorful towels feel breezy without going overboard.

Upkeep is also a cinch thanks to to fingerprint-proof hammered-metal accessories.

Monochrome Palette

Maximize sunlight with a pure white color scheme and shiny hardware that reflects rays.

In a Connecticut cottage, the windowed doors also let light in from the adjoining bedroom.

Strategic Lighting

Another trick for bright lighting? Install sconces directly on the bathroom mirror like in this family home.

The reflective surface bounces light all over, faking a bigger room.

Lively Patterns

A small space has a secret advantage. Take the opportunity to use bold wallpaper that would overwhelm a larger room.

This beach house bathroom features cheeky lobsters, but any favorite print will do.

Traditional Materials

Timeless style comes together with chrome, marble and cool whites in a coastal home's master bathroom.

Skip a traditional shower door or curtain for a sleeker look (and easier cleaning).

Impromptu Towel Rack

Instead of hiding your prettiest linens in a closet, put them on display via a wooden ladder.

In an airy beach house, the upgraded towel bar stands within reach of a freestanding tub.


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